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Albert says – donate this Christmas

Albert the pug here, Merry Woofmas to you all!!

You’ll be pleased to hear I’m donning my Santa outfit again this year to become ‘Santa Paws’ in order to collect toys and treats for my mates at the Blue Cross charity.

Now I’m a lucky pug, as you can probably tell from my belly. I get lots and lots of nice treats, especially at Christmas. But that’s not been the case for my mates who are now being looked after by the Blue Cross.

So please give what you can to Potters Fields Park and my dad Ian who’s the head gardener. They’ll be collecting the toys and treats until the week before Christmas when I’ll personally deliver all the goodies to the local Blue Cross centre in Victoria. They can be handed to the gardeners on the park or you can contact the park office to drop off.

Thanks in advance. Ho ho ho and Merry Woofmas!!!


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Albert says; Vote for my park

Albert the Pug here….


My Dad Ian, the head gardener, has asked me to get together all my dog mates to persuade our owners to vote for Potters Fields Park in the Time Out ‘Love London Awards’.

As you know, I LOVE the park, amazing smells, lots of doggy friends, and open green spaces to run around in (when my Dad’s not doing maintenance work). You also can’t beat that view of Tower Bridge which at my height level is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen.

So get your owners onto the website below to vote for my park and tell everyone you see. My dad might be bribing me with a few treats to do this but it’s still a worthy award. So click on the picture below to go to the website and vote. Woof woof!!!



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