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New wildlife section on the website

We’re pleased to announce a new section on our website for all the wildlife on the park. There is a whole host of wildlife in Potters Fields Park thanks to the naturalistic garden design with herbaceous perennial beds. We also try to encourage wildlife with bee hives, bird & bat boxes and are in the process of building an insect hotel. We have also recently planted a native bluebell meadow that will start to flower in April and will then seed this area with wildflower.

To find out more about the wildlife please visit the link below;

A recent survey of the park by the Ecology Consultancy found “Potters Fields Park supports an impressive array of species with four bumblebees in particular representing a rich fauna in the context of a managed park in an intensely urban area.”

We’re keen for users of the park to keep an eye out for the wildlife and let us know if you see anything interesting. Please email us pictures or post on our Facebook or Twitter pages. It is incredibly important that we maintain a healthy Biodiversity in the park, especially as we are in such a condensed urban area.

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The butt stops here?

They say that every action leads to a counter action. The ban on smoking in offices led to people smoking more in the street; then many employers feared the PR implications of their staff being seen hanging around the office door with a fag in mouth/hand and told them that they must not smoke within view of the office. The result has been the formation of smoking hotspots, particularly in urban green spaces.

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