Improvement plans

St Johns Churchyard is bounded on the north and west sides by residential properties and is a valuable local green space in a heavily developed urban area of central London. Druid Street (south side) and Tower Bridge Road (east side) are both busy pedestrian roads with high foot traffic; many residents and workers are using the park for relaxation and recreation. The park is also a heavily used pedestrian and cycle route connecting Tower Bridge Road and Tooley Street.

A key priority of the project is to repair and restore the historic Grade II listed railings, gates and stone pillars that run along Fair Street. A separate application for listed building consent has been approved for this work. The proposal for improvements in the park are detailed in this Planning Application. They include making some of the park entrances more accessible to the surrounding residents and visitors, creating an open space to sit and interact and upgrading of the playground equipment to enable children to play in a safer environment as well as learn about growing plants and vegetables with dedicated allotment beds. The design and access statement for St Johns Churchyard is put forth to describe the proposals for the park.

St Johns Churchyard was previously developed in 2004, but to make the park a more enjoyable and open environment for people to use, improvements to the railings, children’s playground and access are necessary, summarised as follows:

  • The playground is currently unsafe, the equipment is dated and doesn’t offer space for parents/guardians to relax whilst their children play. Improvements to the area and new entrance gates to this space will create a safer, more enjoyable play area for both children and parents.
  • Currently some of the entrances to the park create an enclosed feel and restricted access. Simple improvements to these will open up the park, creating a more inviting appearance and better access for greater use of the park.
  • Areas of the park become very muddy underfoot after wet weather and reoccurring use. Simple landscaping changes will mean the green areas of the park will become more inviting and floriated displays will add colour to areas that are currently under used.

The full Planning Application was submitted on the 1st August 2017 and is available to view here on the Southwark Council Planning portal.