Planting in the park

Potters Fields Park supports a huge array of plants and you can explore them in detail here. There are over 50 species in the beds and many tree species throughout the park.

The colourful herbaceous garden at the back of the park was designed by Piet Oudolf, world famous plantsman who designed the highline in New York. You can download the full Planting site plan


"Due to the nature of the planting scheme and its sustainable management regime it is considered to be a significant local resource for both foraging and nesting insects"– The Ecology Consultancy

  • Amorpha Canescens

    Commonly called lead plant, this plant originates from North America. This pea/bean family member has dense clusters of tiny, bluish-purple flowers with gold anthers.
  • Amsonia Hubrichtii

    Commonly called Blue-star, it is an uncommon perennial that is native to the Ouachita Mountains in central Arkansas
  • Astilbe Visions in red

    Red variety, native to mountain ravines and woodland in Asia and North America. Large, handsome, often fern-like foliage, and dense, feathery plumes of flowers
  • Astilbe Visions in purple

    Purple variety, native to mountain ravines and woodland in Asia and North America.
  • Astilbe vision in pink

    Pink variety, native to mountain ravines and woodland in Asia and North America. Large, handsome, often fern-like foliage, and dense, feathery plumes of flowers
  • Astrantia Roma

    Clump forming herbaceous perennials. Their delicate, distinctive flowers bloom solidly from early summer until late autumn
  • Baptisia Leucantha

    Also known as 'purple smoke'. herbaceous perennial plants with pea-like flowers, followed by pods, which are sometimes inflated
  • English bluebells

    'Hyacinthoides non-scripta' is a bulbous perennial plant, found in Atlantic areas from north-western Spain to the British Isles
  • Brunnera Macrophylla

    Also known as 'Jack Frost' or 'Siberian bugloss' is a species of flowering plant in the family Boraginaceae, native to the Caucasus
  • Calmintha Nepeta

    Also known as 'Lesser Calamint', is a perennial herb of the mint family
  • Campanula Poscharskyana

    Semi-evergreen trailing perennial, valued for its lavender-blue star-shaped flowers, native to the Dinaric Alps in former Yugoslavia
  • Clematis Heracleifolia

    'China purple', related to the climbing variety, bears interesting clusters of fragrant rich violet-blue flowers
  • Clematis Jouinaiana

    'Preacox', Herbaceous species of ground hugging clematis
  • Clerodendron Trichotomum

    Also known as 'Harlequin Glorybower', flowering plant native to China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and India
  • Echinacea 'Tennesseensis'

    Also known as 'Tennessee coneflower', a flowering plant in the sunflower family, endemic to the cedar glades of the U.S.
  • Epimedium 'Frohnleiten'

    'Frohnleiten' is a strong-growing evergreen plant with leathery leaves composed of up to five ovate leaflets, and sprays of bright yellow flowers
  • Eryngium Yuccifolium

    Also known as 'Buttons snake root', herbaceous perennial plant of the parsley family native to the tallgrass prairies of central and eastern North America
  • Euphorbia Robbiae

    Also known as 'Wood Spurge', this is a spreading evergreen perennial with large rounded sprays of yellow-green flowers
  • Geranium 'Claridge Druce'

    Also known as 'Cranesbill' it is a superb ground-coverer with pink flowers and sage-green foliage all summer
  • Geranium Soboliferum

    'Starman' from the mountains of central Japan. Large upward-facing flowers produced almost endlessly from early summer into late autumn
  • Helenium 'Moorheim beauty'

    Also known as 'Sneezeweed', it is a herbaceous perennial conker-brown crimson flowers. Native to the Americas
  • Helleborus 'Orientalis White'

    Commonly called 'green hellebore', it is a perennial flowering plant in the buttercup family 'Ranunculaceae' native to Greece and Turkey
  • Knautia Macedonica

    Also known as 'Macedonian Scabious', this seldom-encountered species, is a red-flowering perennial that blooms all summer
  • Molinia Caerulea 'Moorhexe'

    Also known as 'Purple moor grass', deciduous perennial grasses bearing open flowering panicles in summer
  • Origanum 'Herrenhausen'

    Also known as 'Wild marjoram' herbaceous perennials sub-shrubs, with aromatic foliage
  • Paeonia 'Claire de lune'

    Very popular Hybrid Peony hybrid producing single lemon blooms with a bright golden centre
  • Persicaria Amplexicaulis 'Firetail'

    Species of flowering plant in the buckwheat family, native to China, the Himalayas, and Pakistan
  • Persicaria Polymorpha

    Also known as 'Giant fleece flower' this is another species of flowering plant in the buckwheat family, native to Russia
  • Salvia Nemerosa 'Rugen'

    Also known as 'wood sage 'Rügen', this is a hardy herbaceous perennial plant
  • Salvia Rhapsody in blue

    Also known as 'Garden Sage', brilliant deep violet-blue flowers adorn these bushy compact plants. Popular with
  • Sedum Sunkissed

    Also known as 'Stonecrop', compact, branching plants with fleshy foliage topped with clusters of small blooms
  • Sesleria Autumnalis

    Also known as 'Autumn moor grass'. Stiff yellow-green leaves and spikes of cream flower
  • Stachys Officinalis 'Hummelo'

    Also known as 'Lambs Ear', has rose-lavender flowers
  • Trycirtis 'Tojen'

    Also known as 'Japanese Toad Lily', Tricyrtis is a genus of Asian flowering plants in the lily family
  • Veronicastrum Virginicum 'Fascination'

    Also known as 'Culvers Root', wildflower native to the United States