The Port of London

The Romans didn’t just make roads…

Before you read this section, you’ll need to understand two words.

A harbour is a place to store boats safely when they are not being used.

A port is a place where boats are unloaded, and loaded.

OK. Ready?

The Romans made the first harbour and port in London. The harbour was made of wooden frames filled with dirt. In 200 AD and 300 AD trade (selling and buying) grew thanks to the Port of London. Some people grew very rich from all the money they made.

What did the Romans bring to London?

When digging around the Port of London archaeologists have found pottery from France, silk from the East, timber from the Baltic and much more besides. All these things were brought in to London by the Romans.

Some names are left over from those times. What do you think you could have found at Tanner Street, Fish Street Hill and Wool Quay?