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Albert says; Vote for my park

Albert the Pug here….


My Dad Ian, the head gardener, has asked me to get together all my dog mates to persuade our owners to vote for Potters Fields Park in the Time Out ‘Love London Awards’.

As you know, I LOVE the park, amazing smells, lots of doggy friends, and open green spaces to run around in (when my Dad’s not doing maintenance work). You also can’t beat that view of Tower Bridge which at my height level is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen.

So get your owners onto the website below to vote for my park and tell everyone you see. My dad might be bribing me with a few treats to do this but it’s still a worthy award. So click on the picture below to go to the website and vote. Woof woof!!!



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Albert says – WOOF WOOF check out my lake


Well it’s been a while since I last updated my blog so wanted to say a quick woof to you all and share a selfie of me and my new lake on the park.

Me and my Dad Ian have been very busy keeping the park looking spick and span. This rain is certainly ruining my walks as I hate getting wet, but apparently it’s good for the plants so I suppose it’s good.

My Dad has asked if I can ask all my dog mates a BIG FAVOUR to stop playing in the flower beds. Now I know there are lots of interesting smells in there but there is loads of space out on the grass to run and play. It’d be a great help to my Dad and his team if you can ask your owners to keep you on the leads whilst around the flower beds. I’ll also be keeping my eye out so expect a telling off if I see you going into them.

Also got some exciting events to let you know about too. There’s going to be a Coconut Grove on the lawn next week by Vita Coco which should be fun, I’m definitely going to try get some food from that one. There’ll also be coconut climbing wall as part of it but my Dad tells me my legs are too little to climb up it. Look forward to proving him wrong about that. Then we have some Arts festivals over the weekends of end of July and beginning of August. Now I’m not that arty but maybe these will bring out my creative skills.

Anyway I’m off, Woof for now.


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