Birds in the park

Fifteen bird species were recorded during a recent breeding bird survey, with a total of 12 species present at both sites.

Whilst no species were observed as breeding it is thought that a number of common species including wren, blackbird and robin are nesting. This is because both sites contain suitable nesting habitat, in the form of scattered trees and dense shrubs, and juvenile blackbirds, blue-tits, green finches and robins were present during all three surveys, most notably in St. John’s Churchyard.

Three Species of Principal Importance for the Conservation of Biodiversity in England were recorded within the survey area; house sparrow, dunnock and starling. Two Birds of Conservation Concern (BoCC) red list species (house sparrow and starling) and three amber list species (dunock, lesser black-backed gull and black-headed gull) were recorded within the survey area.

None of the bird species recorded within the survey area were considered to be of particular significance, all being widespread and relatively common in urban locations, notwithstanding their designation as BoCC species or Species of Principal Importance.