Wildlife in the park

There is a whole host of wildlife in Potters Fields Park thanks to the naturalistic garden design with herbaceous perennial beds. We also try to encourage wildlife with bee hives, bird & bat boxes, bluebell meadows and insect hotels.

Have you spotted any wildlife in the park? If so please do let us know.

Potters Fields Park supports an impressive array of species with four bumblebees in particular representing a rich fauna in the context of a managed park in an intensely urban area. 'The Ecology Consultancy'

  • Bees

    There are three bee hives on the park that are looked after by 'Bee Urban'.
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  • Insects

    48 species of insect have been recorded on the park. I wander how many are in the our insect hotel?
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  • Birds

    There are over fifteen bird species on the park, can you spot any nesting in our bird boxes?
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  • Bats

    There are several bat boxes on the park to encourage bats. Help us spot and photograph the bats.
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