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Albert says; my diet is working

Albert the Pug here. Long time no Woof.

My dad Ian, the head gardener, thought it was time I share my BIG achievement with you all. As you know I’m a dog that loves his food, always have, always will. But there comes a time in any Pugs life when the dreaded DIET needs to happen and that’s been my mission for the last few months. It’s not been easy but I gotta say… I am looking good 🙂

I’ve gone from 11.2 kg to 9.8kg on a strict ‘obesity management’ diet. The cheek of my Dad Ian thinking I’m obese…. but luckily I’ve still been allowed treats, even if they are carrots.

So I have a big favour to ask all you lovely people. To avoid temptation can you please take all your food rubbish away with you when you leave the park and put in the bins?!? I have some will power but not enough to stop me gobbling up any leftovers I might find. Plus my Dad is getting tired trying to clear it all up before I can get hold of it.

Right i’m off for a little workout round the park but I’ll keep you posted on my diet progress. WOOF WOOF!

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