All about Potters

What is a Potter’s Field?

A potter’s field is where people from outside the local area, and poor people, used to be buried. It’s called this because, in the Bible, it was land that priests bought as a burial ground which was rich in clay having been owned by a pot-maker.

Potty about pottery

In 1618 Christian Willhelm set up the Pickleherring Pottery roughly where the More London Scoop is today. At its peak the pottery employed 40 potters, all making English Delftware. The products were so good that in 1628 King Charles appointed Willhelm as the Royal Galleypot (tableware and jars) Maker.

Potters Field now

Potters Fields Park lies at the very heart of London, with sweeping views of the river and famous sights of Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, and the ‘Gherkin’, the glass dome of City Hall, The Shard and HMS Belfast in the background.

The park you see now has been transformed into a beautiful, world class park, which hundreds of people pass through every day.
Its wide areas of grass, whispering trees, quiet walkways and colourful gardens are a welcome break from the bustling city. You can come for a picnic, read a book, eat and drink at the café or just wander around. If you’ve enjoyed coming here today tell a friend!